About Client Testimonials

Jim Mersich – Overly Manufacturing

"I've worked with Contrarian for many years and have always been pleased with the performance of their stainless steel finishes.  Due to the surrounding hi-rise buildings and condominiums, and the fact that this is a multi-modal transfer point, reflectivity was a concern. InvariMatte's® low-glare finish and uniformity was the perfect solution."

PROJECT: Jamaica Train Station

John Fung – Mark Cavagnero Associates

"Designing the canopy in stainless steel gives it a specular quality that clearly defines a sense of arrival."

PROJECT: Oakland Museum of California

Dave Wenner – NV Heathorn

"Contrarian Metal Resources’ InvariMatte® is the stainless steel that we used; it has a consistent quality and an excellent finish."

PROJECT: Oakland Museum of California

Randall Stout – Randall Stout Architects

"The stainless steel of the borealis form has a bead-blasted finish that reflects colour and light in a highly diffused manner. At some angles of view, one can see soft blues in the metal of a blue sky overhead.  In the early morning and when viewed from the east some surfaces reflect back the warm, yellow morning light. During the evening the same effect can be seen from the west with the more orange and reddish tones of sunset softly appearing on the metal... At night time, the exterior stainless steel predominately reflects the dark night sky allowing the white interior surfaces of the borealis to become dynamic, welcoming illumination of architectural elements."  Read more about this project on Randall Stout Architect's website.

PROJECT: Art Gallery of Alberta

Bob Strang – BEMO USA

"Once the architects determined that stainless was the way to go, the collaboration between Corgan, Contrarian, Kodiak Roofing, Turner Construction and us led to the success and handsome appearance of the roofing system. We used 176,000 sq. ft. of InvariMatte®."

PROJECT: Sacramento International Airport

Randy Richenberger – Eklund’s, Inc.

"The finish looks architectural grade.  It is a very attractive metal, a great substitute for standard stainless steel for not much more money that brings out that architectural element."


Brian Swanner – Waggonner & Ball Architects

"The site of the building is half a city block. We wanted to create an inspirational building that announced the recovery of the community and signaled the creativity of the students and educators. The building takes the form of a snaking bar that adapts to the limited site and cradles the curved main theater volume along its edge. The tall volume is clad in metal panels that accommodate its curving walls. Contrarian Metal Resources' InvariMatte® was chosen because of the high quality and matching of the product. It was recommended by professionals familiar with its properties, and the details of service provided to ensure top results. The working relationships on the project surpassed the norm, with the right quantities of InvariMatte® being shipped as requested at the right time."

PROJECT: Chalmette High School Cultural Arts Center
(St. Bernard's Parish)

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