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CMR Has the Products & Information for YOUR Specific Needs

Contrarian Metal Resources provides materials applications assistance for Architects throughout our website. Visit our ARCHITECT page for quick information and links to directly connect you to the resources you need.

Contrarian is uniquely positioned as a high performance metal producer with a singular focus on architectural applications, enabling us to be an excellent, on-the-job resource for Contractors. Simply put, we speak your language and look after project details to ensure things go smoothly. Visit our CONTRACTOR page to learn the benefits of including Contrarian on your team.

Fabricator/Panel Manufacturer:
While architects often specify our products from the outset, it is typically Fabricators and/or Panel Manufacturers who bring Contrarian into their projects. You can be confident in our product execution and service, because we are singularly focused on architectural applications and offer unmatched expertise. Visit our FABRICATORS/MANUFACTURERS page for more information for metalworking companies.

Spec Writer/Engineer:
CMR provides numerous resources throughout the site for Specification Writers and Engineers looking for information about stainless steel in building applications. Visit our SPEC WRITER/ENGINEER page to learn more!

Building Owner:
As a Building Owner, there are many benefits to having Contrarian's products used on your structures, including longer lifetimes, easier maintainence and being better for the environment. Stainless steel clad buildings, which have been around since the 1920's, have grown from novelties to become a valid part of mainstream construction. Visit our BUILDING OWNER page for information and reference for the benefits of a stainless-clad building.

Home Owner:
Although often overlooked as a building material for homes, stainless roofing and exterior wall cladding offer a host of low maintenance benefits for Home Owners. Our InvariMatte® stainless steel is ideal for roofing and will last for generations to come, even in coastal areas. Visit our HOME OWNER page to learn more and explore the variety of resources available on our site.

A sponsor of the student chapter of the AIA, Contrarian Metal Resources is pleased to provide Architecture and Engineering Students with product information to support their projects. Visit our STUDENT page for information and helpful links.

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