Products Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Products

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Rolled-In Finishes
InvariLux® InvariMatte® InvariTone™ InvariMatte® Black

Embossed Finishes
Microchecker Austenite 55 Starlight 7J Origara
Seeds InvariWeave™

Colorized Finishes
(Hairline) Green (Vibration) Blue (Starlight) Bronze
(Starlight) Black (InvariLux®) Blue

Abrasive Finishes
InvariGlass™ InvariWisp™ InvariBrush™ InvariBlend®

Other Finishes
Etched - Camouflage Pattern Polished (Waves)

Specialty Coatings
FG3 Anti-Fingerprint Coating

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