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Homeowners often overlook stainless steel as a building material.  We suggest consider using stainless for roofing and exterior wall cladding as opposed to materials that require a considerable amount of maintenance.  Our InvariMatte® product is ideal for roofing, which is possibly the best location in your house to invest in stainless steel. A stainless steel InvariMatte® roof will last for generations to come, even in coastal areas.  More on this topic can be found on our page entitled Can Your Roof Go the Distance? 

While stainless steel costs more than many other materials to install, it’s tough to beat from a life cycle cost standpoint. Further, a high end roof or facade that looks great indefinitely preserves your property value. The following information can be found under the Reduce Costs tab and throughout our Resources section:

Exterior Walls & Environmental Information
Exterior wall systems made of stainless steel provide a low maintenance, long-lasting, environmentally sensible solution. A number of finishes are available for wall cladding both indoors and out.

Hawaii’s atmosphere contains both salt from the ocean and volcanic emissions, creating a very corrosive environment. While wood is a popular siding material in the islands, termite damage is an all too common problem. The duplex stainless steel wall panels pictured to the left are a great solution to both problems. 

In 2011, the owners of the shore Hotel in Santa Monica, California chose Contrarian’s InvariMatte® stainless steel for its beautiful appearance and unquestioned durability. With plans for the family to operate their hotel for many years to come, they were pleased at not having to provision cash flow at some future date to refurbish the exterior wall cladding. Even though your home is not likely to be a hotel, the same economic scenario applies to your household budget. You don’t even have to deal with the expense or inconvenience of painting, ever.


Environmental Benefits
On the topic of environmental issues, stainless steel is highly recycled and 100% recyclable. This combined with the potential for stainless steel to last as long as the building stands, creates a sustainability loop that is the envy of other materials. In addition, stainless steel for exterior cladding provides excellent thermal behavior without coatings to deteriorate or runoff of bio toxins, which are common occurrences with traditional metals used in construction. More information on these topics can be found under the Save Energy tab and throughout our Resources section. Topics include:

Other resources available on this website include:

Product Information
In the Products section, you will find an unrivaled selection of finishes, patterns and colors in stainless steel and other metals that can be used around the house. Applications include:

  • Roofing
  • Exterior wall cladding
  • Interior walls 
  • Countertops and backslashes 
  • Stainless steel furniture

Cleaning Instructions
In our Resources section you will find additional product maintenance information, including instructions for Cleaning Stainless Steel.

Soap, water & ammonia cleaned 
over 40 years of grime off this 
New York City building