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As a Building Owner, there are many benefits to having Contrarian Micro Textures, by Rigidized® Metals Corporation's products used on your structures, including reduced operating costs, durability, easier maintenance and being better for the environment. Stainless steel clad buildings, which have been around since the 1920's, have grown from novelties to become a valid part of mainstream construction. Our website offers vast information and reference for the benefits of a stainless-clad building.

While stainless steel costs more than many other materials to install, it’s tough to beat from a life cycle cost standpoint. Further, a high end façade that looks great indefinitely preserves your property value. The following information can be found under the Reduce Costs tab and throughout our Resources section:

Today's owners of such historic buildings as the Chrysler, Empire State and Sacony Mobil, buildings in New York continue to derive benefits from the decisions made so many years ago to sue stainless steel. The Chrysler Building, constructed in 1930, has had only two cleanings of its stainless steel dome, one in 1962 and the other in 1995. The stainless is continuing to do its job quite effectively, with no foreseeable roof replacement required.

The Sacony Mobil building, the cleaning of which after 40+ years is pictured below, had its façade restored with soap and water, with ammonia used on some spots. Other materials would not have cleaned up so easily and would have required painting or replacement by the time those panels were cleaned.

In 2011, the owners of the Shore Hotel in Santa Monica, California chose Contrarian's InvariMatte® stainless steel for its beautiful appearance and unquestioned durability. With plans for the family to operate their hotel for many years to come, they were pleased at not having to provision cash flow at some future date to refurbish the exterior wall cladding.

Even if you don't intend to own and operate your building for decades, stainless clad buildings have a higher residual value of a stainless clad than those constructed with more common materials. Offering durability, low maintenance and a high-end appearance, Contrarian Micro Textures' line of stainless steel and other high-performance metal products offers value to building owners regardless of how long they intend to occupy.

Stainless steel saves energy and mitigates the heat island effect of buildings.  With its high recycled content and complete recyclability, the potential for stainless steel to last as long as the building stands, creates a sustainability loop that is the envy of other materials. When used for exterior cladding, stainless steel does not create runoff of bio toxins (common occurrences with traditional metals used in construction). Information about environmental issues, including LEED® and Green Globes Design™ can be found under the Save Energy tab and throughout our Resources section. Topics include:

Project Galleries
Take the time to browse through our Project Galleries to get a sense of how beautiful stainless steel is when installed both inside and out of buildings and consider the economic value of selecting a durable product that will require very little maintenance and remain beautiful for decades to come.

Cleaning Instructions
Stainless steel is a remarkably durable construction material that, when properly specified and installed, will last indefinitely. Our Cleaning Stainless Steel Finishes page offers information about maintaining the original appearance of stainless steel, especially in high traffic areas. And, when particular contamination problems cannot be resolved using referenced methods, simply contact us.

Soap, water & ammonia cleaned 
over 40 years of grime off this 
New York City building