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While architects often specify our products from the outset, fabricators and panel manufacturers often bring Contrarian Micro Textures, by Rigidized® Metals Corporation, into their projects based on their confidence in our product execution and service. Since the company is singularly focused on architectural applications, our expertise is of great value. In the Resources section, this website contains a substantial library of reference information that is helpful to metalworking companies. These include:

Product Information
Contrarian Micro Textures has an unrivaled selection of decorative flat rolled finishes. This website includes visual images of most of the products. However, custom solutions are also available. Product data sheets provide size range as well as other application information that can help the designer find a product that works both visually as well as practically.

Technical Assistance
In addition to the many technical reference articles available on the website, Contrarian Micro Textures’ knowledgeable representatives are available to provide personal assistance relating to the application of our products to your projects.

Project References
If you browse through the project references you can see what our products look like installed, including roofing and wall systems as well as more traditional uses of stainless steel for interiors.

While many of our shipments are produced specifically for projects, we maintain a certain amount of inventory to support smaller projects and mockup orders. In particular, we maintain a supply of various sizes of InvariMatte® stainless steel for roofing and other cladding applications to support metal fabricating companies.

Stainless steel saves energy and mitigates the heat island effect of buildings. With its high recycled content and complete recyclability, the potential for stainless steel to last as long as the building stands, creates a sustainability loop that is the envy of other materials. When used for exterior cladding, stainless steel does not create runoff of bio toxins (common occurrences with traditional metals used in construction). Information about environmental issues, including LEED® and Green Globes Design™ can be found on the home page under Save Energy, and throughout our Resources tab. Topics include:

As key advisors to building owners, architects may benefit from understanding the economics of stainless steel building ownership. The following information can be found under the Reduce Costs tab and throughout our Resources section: