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If you are a contractor, you will want Contrarian Micro Textures, by Rigidized® Metals Corporation, on your job. We are uniquely positioned as a high performance metal producer with a singular focus on architectural applications. Simply put, we speak your language and look after project details to ensure things go smoothly. Benefits of including Contrarian Micro Textures on your team include:

Product Execution
Since Contrarian Micro Textures produces its products for architectural applications, great care is taken to ensure metal flatness and uniformity so that your project turns out meeting the expectations of the owner.

Product Application
Misapplied stainless steel can fail. For example, the wrong grade installed in a marine environment can rust. Contrarian Micro Textures takes great care to know where each shipment is going so that proper performance of the product can be anticipated.

Coordination of Production
Oftentimes there are several subcontractors each procuring the same material to conduct their part of a project. Contrarian Micro Textures makes every effort to coordinate production of the entire order so that economies of scale can be taken advantage of for cost reasons, as well as minimizing the opportunity for panel mismatch in the production of lot sensitive finishes. Further, we are well accustomed to storing and delivering material to meet fabrication/installation schedules.

While many of our shipments are produced specifically for a project, we maintain a certain amount of inventory to support smaller projects and mockup orders. In particular, we maintain a supply of various sizes of InvariMatte® stainless steel for roofing and other cladding applications, as well as a number of other finishes for general fabrication.

Cleaning Instructions
In our Resources section you will find additional product maintenance information, including instructions for Cleaning Stainless Steel.

Soap, water & ammonia cleaned 
over 40 years of grime off this 
New York City building

Stainless steel saves energy and mitigates the heat island effect of buildings. With its high recycled content and complete recyclability, the potential for stainless steel to last as long as the building stands, creates a sustainability loop that is the envy of other materials. When used for exterior cladding, stainless steel does not create runoff of bio toxins (common occurrences with traditional metals used in construction). Information about environmental issues, including LEED® and Green Globes Design™ can be found on the Save Energy tab, and throughout our Resources tab. Topics include:

As key advisors to building owners, architects may benefit from understanding the economics of stainless steel building ownership. The following information can be found under the Reduce Costs tab and throughout our Resources section: