There are a number of areas where the use of our materials can contribute to the accumulation of LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) and Green Globes Design™ points. While it is best to contact us for assistance in predetermining exactly where these opportunities are for each given product, application and project location, this document provides an overview of the potential design credits that stainless steel products offer.

Upon request, Contrarian Micro Textures, by Rigidized® Metals Corporation, will provide written documentation of available credits including a statement from the melting source regarding recycled content. 

SRI (Solar Reflectance Index)
An independent Cool Roof accredited laboratory has tested a number of our products for solar reflectance per ASTM E 1980 modified for direct measurement. The SRI was calculated using equation 3 from ASTM E 1980, 100((Tb-Ts)/(Tb-Tw)) where Tb= temperature rise of the standard black, Tw= temperature rise of the standard white and Ts= temperature rise of the metal surface. Results are posted below:

  • TT304/316 InvariMatte® Stainless Steel – 111 SRI 
  • ATI 2003 InvariMatte® Stainless Steel – 101 SRI
  • ATI 2003 InvariMatte® Walnut (dark colorized) Stainless Steel – 78 SRI
  • T304/316 InvariLux® Stainless Steel – 120 SRI
  • T304/316 #8 Mirror Stainless Steel – 120 SRI
  • T304/316 InvariWisp Stainless Steel – 111 SRI

Note: The highest possible SRI is 124, not 100. 100 is the level assigned to a standard white surface. The standard SRI is reported for medium wind conditions, 2 to 6 meters per second.

More on the topic of solar reflectance can be learned on this website under Stainless Steel Buildings Combat Climate Change.

Recycled Content
Worldwide, all stainless steel products have an average post-consumer recycled content of 60% (75% for US production). Further, the pre-consumer recycled content of flat rolled stainless steel is approximately 10%. On that basis, two LEED® points are applicable. Upon request, Contrarian Micro Textures will supply a statement from the melting mill regarding the recycling statistics specific to the product used on your project. This website contains further information about stainless steel recycling on under Extraordinary Recycling Efficiency.

Regional Materials
Most of our revenue comes from products that are melted, rolled and finished in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area. Projects in cities like Boston, New York, Washington, Chicago and Toronto will qualify, provided panel fabrication also occurs in the same region. Some of our products are imported or depend upon imported substrate material, in which cases no regional credit is applicable.

Low Emitting Materials
Our products are often used for interior applications. Since credit is given for low-emitting materials, we suggest this credit apples since our metals do not emit anything into the atmosphere at ambient temperatures.

Green Globes Design™
There are a number of areas where the use of our materials can contribute to the accumulation of Green Globes Design™ points:

  • Environmental Purchasing
  • Reduced Heat Island Effect
  • Energy Performance
  • Reduced Energy Demand
  • Minimal Consumption of Resources
  • Building Durability, Adaptability and Disassembly
  • Reduction, Reuse & Recycling of Demolition Waste

Upon request, we will provide a detailed letter in support of these assessment factors as they relate to the application of our products for a specific building project.

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