This section provides general information about various techniques used in the creation of decorative sheet metal finishes. We include comments about the advantages and disadvantages of specifying these finishing methods for architectural metal applications. 

With respect to any of the techniques employed, Contrarian Micro Textures, by Rigidized® Metals Corporation, endeavors to provide products that are best in class, having the highest degree of uniformity possible.

Rolled-In Finishes
Akin to embossing, rolled-in finishes involves rolling coiled sheet metal through a set of work rolls to impart a texture. 

Since temper mills run at several hundred feet per minute, large quantities can be processed quickly at a reasonable 
cost. Repeatability of the surface pattern is excellent. Provided the producer executes proper process controls on the incoming material, as well as during the rolling process, uniformity from batch to batch can be achieved.

Small quantities are not practical on production-oriented rolling equipment. 

Contrarian Micro Textures, an industry leader in the manufacture of micro-textured finishes for architecture, offers several products of this type. We support small quantities by maintaining an inventory of popular sizes and adding small custom orders to large runs. More about the following rolled-in finishes can be learned under the PRODUCTS tab.

Rolled-In Stainless Steel Finishes

Rolled-In Titanium Finish

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