Material Selection
Selecting the Right Product for Your Application

When properly specified, fabricated and installed, architectural metals from Contrarian Micro Textures, by Rigidized® Metals Corporation, will last indefinitely with little maintenance in all but the most severe environments. Learn more about the superior durability, sustainability, energy savings, heat island mitigation, impressive recycling statistics and other environmental benefits by watching our Materials Selection Videos!

Durable, Sustainable Contrarian Micro Textures Architectural Metals

Stainless steel buildings have been around for nearly 100 years without showing signs of degradation. Perhaps the most widely known example of this is the dome atop the Chrysler building. Built in 1929, it has only been cleaned twice and remains in excellent condition without any expectation that it will need to be replaced. From an environmental standpoint an architect or building owner can count on this material to last the useful life of the building. Combining this fact with energy savings, heat island mitigation, impressive recycling statistics and other environmental benefits, it is truly a sustainable product that is good for the planet.

High Performance Architectural Metals

Beyond the sustainability of the finish, characteristics of a given stainless steel surface weigh heavily in the solar reflectance equation. Particular attention is paid to Contrarian Micro Textures’ InvariMatte® stainless steel finish which was designed for roofing and other building envelope applications. While the original objective in developing this product was to create a uniform low glare finish that would not produce unwanted environmental glare when used in large surface areas such as a roof, the energy investigation we have undertaken has shown distinct advantages of this finish as it relates to energy performance.