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Specification Assistance:

 The benefits of specifying Stainless Steel can be found in this section. Ranging from the understanding of Metallic Corrosion to Stainless Steel as a maintenance free Low Life Cycle Cost material, we understand the importance of proper Product Specification, especially in Severe Marine Environments

Downloadable specifications, including BIM Objects, are available.  Click here to try it out now!

Material Selection:

Our Metal Selection Criteria section offers insight into which materials to choose. This Substrate Comparison Chart provides characteristics of our decorative finishes and the advantages of specifying Decorative Metal Finishes.

Product Maintenance:

Stainless Steel will last indefinitely when properly installed and maintained, though certain precautions need to be taken. Contamination from other materials can lead to Metallic Corrosion, while Severe Marine Environments must be thoroughly understood. Accumulation of dirt will occur over time, so the proper steps of Cleaning Stainless Steel can be found here.


Several aspects of Stainless Steel should be understood when designing or specifying the material. One of the biggest advantages of Stainless over lesser materials is its low rate of Thermal Conductivity. Though not a big thermal conductor, Thermal Expansion needs to be calculated when designing with Stainless Steel. Flatness of Sheet Metal is an important consideration when fabricating materials.

Going Green:

The materials produced by Contrarian Metal Resources are all Environmentally Responsible in terms of low Life Cycle Cost and recycled content with sustainable goals in mind.