A stainless steel building has an unmistakably high-end appearance that lasts indefinitely with very little maintenance. Since stainless steel buildings are cheap to operate and look great over the long haul, it stands to reason the owner will command a higher price when the building sold. However, there is more to the story than just the selling price. A building that retains its high end appearance over time attracts tenants, customers and employees, which maintain the owner’s revenue stream.

While stainless steel costs a bit more up front, it returns on that investment in many forms for as long as the building stands. When properly specified and installed, stainless steel will last the useful life of the building. Property owners have built in investment protection thanks to stainless steels durability.

A building clad in stainless steel will Reduce Operating Costs. Is often the material with the least long-term cost to the owner. It also limits environmental impact (see Save Energy, Reduce Climate Change and Other Environmental Benefits). With these substantial benefits, a stainless steel building has greater value than one clad in a lesser performing material. When it comes time to sell the building, the prospective buyer will be motivated to take advantage of the value stainless steel provides.

During the period of ownership, the value of a stainless steel building is not just limited to operating cost savings. The built-in support this outstanding material provides in terms of maintaining the property's value at very little cost, delivers other cash flow opportunities as well. Since the high-end appearance lasts indefinitely, the building will continue to attract tenants and customers as well as prospective employees. Property owners often invest in added building elements and treatments to make the property look just a bit more special in an effort to make the building more attractive. Just choosing stainless steel instead of a lesser material on the main part of the building can deliver the same result. However, in the case of the stainless steel cladding option, that investment makes the building look higher-end while also reduces operating costs.

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