Reduce Operating Costs
Environmental & Economic Benefits

Stainless steel is an extraordinary building material. In 1920s construction, stainless steel use in building envelope applications was limited to iconic projects such as the Chrysler and Empire State buildings with budgets that were deemed extravagant for their day. As years progressed, the impressive durability of stainless steel earned its way on to more buildings. Yet, only recently have the incredible environmental benefits of this material been understood, and even now stainless steel remains under appreciated. 

It is our mission is to bring awareness of the outstanding environmental and economic benefits of stainless-clad buildings to architects, engineers, and building owners everywhere.

Rigidized® Metals Corporation has a philosophy of helping building professionals select materials that will last the useful life of the building with little or no maintenance.This usually results in the least long term cost to the building owner. In addition, significantly less harm can be made to the environment by using long life materials as opposed to more commonly used materials that require maintenance and replacement. Specifically, our portfolio of high performance architectural metals serves this philosophy well. Beyond offering sustainability (when properly specified and installed) these metals are, by their nature, environmentally “green” materials. While the cleaning of the abraded stainless steel in these photos was accomplished with soap and water, it is possible that it would not have to be cleaned at all if one of our self-cleaning hydrophobic finishes was used.

As Contrarian has continued to develop new stainless steel and other high performance metal products for the architectural market, further study of the properties of stainless steel have revealed astonishing benefits to the environment that also translate into improved operating costs for building owners. In this section of the website, the following topics are covered in separate documents which reveal the substantial economic benefits of stainless steel as a building material: