InvariMatte® Black is a non-directional, uniformly textured stainless steel finish with a dull bead blast appearance and a thin black oxide film designed for use in architectural applications. It can be applied to roofing and wall panels, as well as coping and trim.The black chromium oxide film is produced electrochemically. Unlike paints coatings, the finish is not reactive to ultraviolet light. InvariMatte® Black retains the corrosion resistance of the underlying T304 alloy.

Pounds Per Piece
Thickness (in.) x Width (in.) x Length (in.) x .292

Available Sizes
Cut lengths up to 196" are available.

Fire Resistance
Since stainless steel is dimensionally stable up to 2000°F, InvariMatte® Black provides an added measure of protection in the event of a fire.

InvariMatte® Black is supplied to ASTM (American Society for the Testing of Materials) commercial tolerances.

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