FG3 Anti-Fingerprint Coating
Developed by Tsukiboshi Art Company

FG3 Anti-Fingerprint Coating

Fine Guard 3 (FG3) is an anti-fingerprint coating developed by Tsukiboshi Art Company, a subsidiary of Nisshin Steel in Japan. This coating is available on all of Tsukiboshi’s substrate stainless steel finishes, including Starlight, Hairline and Vibration, as well as on colorized versions of the Tsukiboshi’s line of finishes. 

The FG3 coating is an SiO2 solution which forms a hydrophilic layer that is then hardened by heat-treatment: For example hardness over 6H at pencil hardness. This layer is very thin (about 1.2μm) so that the appearance is similar to clear paint. However, a high gloss substrate finish will exhibit less reflection if treated with FG3. (Please note, FG3 is not provided on mirror finishes).

Keep dry in transportation, stocking, processing and after processing when TPF (temporary protective film) is on the sheet. (If moisture is trapped between the film and the material surface, damage may occur). Cooling oil and water for V-cut processing must be wiped clean with a cloth as soon as possible after processing.

After installation, keep dry and/or clean and dry immediately if material becomes wet while TPF is still adhered to the surface. Clean as soon as possible with water and dry if any acid and alkali substances come in contact with the material surface. Laser cutting process may leave a white powdery residue along the edge of the cut.

Sheets can be supplied 48" wide however only 46" of continuous width is fully coated. (One side of the sheet is held with clamps for processing and the coating does not extend under the area covered by the clamps). The coating will bend at 90° adequately without noticeable cracking of the FG3 surface.

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