Architectural Metal Products
A Wide Variety of Decorative Finishess

Contrarian Micro Textures, by Rigidized® Metals Corporation, features a complete line of architectural metal products offering significantly less product variability than other commonly available materials. While there is variability in any manufactured product – even painted material – our decorative metal sheets consistently provide the highest degree of consistency, and outperform other metals in finish quality, shape and performance. Because most of our metals are manufactured in the United States, lead times are shortened, technical communication is better, and geographic LEED® points can be earned.

Which Metal is Best for Your Project – Stainless Steel, Titanium or Zinc Alloy?
Before selecting materials for any project, it is first necessary to define the environment in which the building will be located. Among the factors that must be considered are:

  • Atmospheric contaminants/pollution
  • Proximity to salt water
  • Nearby application of deicing salts
  • Airborne abrasives (sand, soil, debris)
  • Ultraviolet exposure
  • Humidity range
  • Temperature range
  • Externally induced fire risk (airborne sparks or brush fires)
  • Frequency of maintenance on the part of the owner

We can help you select not just the right decorative metal sheet for your application, but also the appropriate grade and finish for your desired aesthetic and the building's ultimate performance.

There are a variety of decorative architectural sheet metal finishes available – from our architectural version of the popular #4 polish stainless steel to more exotic decorative finishes including dull or matte textured stainless steel, textured titanium and colorized and mirror-finished stainless steel. Our representatives can help you determine what architectural metal finish option will best suit your needs.  

Detailed descriptions and close-up photographs of each of our products is available under our Products Tab!