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Great for the environment and easy to work with, InvariMatte® stainless steel is the perfect choice for beautiful, durable, energy-saving roofs.

InvariMatte® has a low glare texture which is easy on the eyes, even in direct sunlight, which makes it ideal for roofing applications. While it does have a muted appearance, there is just enough reflection going on to take on the colors of the environment around it. Looking bluish gray on a blue sky day, it takes on warm tones at sunset. InvariMatte® retains its original beauty over time without developing a patina. Its unique finish, which involves no coatings, is rolled directly into the surface of the metal. This process not only controls finish variability more closely than any other surface treatment available on bare metal, it also results in a visual effect that is extraordinary. The low gloss InvariMatte® finish is ideal for roofing applications, wall panels, coping and trim. Perfect for designs ranging from modern to historic renovations, its enduring beauty truly goes the distance.


With minimal maintenance, InvariMatte will last as long as the building stands and:

Requires no coatings of any kind  Common metals used in construction, like aluminum and galvanized steel, have coatings designed to extend their useful lives. However, even if these coatings are low VOC products, they will deteriorate at some point in time, requiring repainting or replacement. Further, other high-end metals such as copper, lead, and zinc can leach bio toxins into the environment. Stainless steel, on the other hand, does not have these issues. You can have a permanent roof that does not require recoating and does not risk damage to the ecosystem.

Corrosion resistant - InvariMatte® is the perfect metal for construction projects coast-to-coast and we mean right on the coast because T316 stainless steel is the optimal choice for marine environments all over the continental US. To ensure the best performance, only T316 InvariMatte® is stocked by roofing product distributors. InvariMatte® carries a 30-year limited corrosion warranty even in coastal areas!

Can be produced in duplex alloy stainless steel - For severe environments like Hawaii and the Middle East, InvariMatte® can be produced in duplex alloy stainless steel, which means an InvariMatte® roof will go the distance where other roof systems simply do not last.

Fire resistant – With a melting point over 2000°, stainless steel provides a significant advantage in terms of fire resistance. However, airborne coals that land on other metal roofs with lower melting points like zinc and copper just might be hot enough to melt through.

Wind resistant – Metal roofs already enjoy a reputation for wind resistance, but stainless steel’s higher strength allows for even stronger, more wind resistant panel systems.

Hail resistant – With the higher strength of stainless steel, there is an element of improved dent resistance compared to softer metals like aluminum. Further, if hail does manage to dent InvariMatte® stainless steel, its low glare surface has a forgiveness factor in terms of how visually prominent those dents might be. More importantly, since no coatings are necessary to protect the metal, corrosion sites will not develop in dented areas (hail has been known to crack paint on roofs exposing bare metal to the atmosphere, resulting in the eventual corrosion failures).

Weldable – Unlike most roofing metals, InvariMatte® stainless steel can be welded, thereby creating stronger, more durable joints. Your roofing installation has the potential to last longer than one made of a material that can only be soldered or joined mechanically. Of course, InvariMatte® can also be installed using these methods.

Stainless steel is not only a very efficient reflector of solar energy (about the same as newly installed white paint), it also offsets global warming and substantially reduces insulation requirements. Unlike other bare metals that patina, or paints that oxidize (even a white painted metal roof will lose half of its solar reflectivity in just 10 years), stainless steel retains all of its original solar reflectivity and energy efficiency for as long as it remains installed. Because of the accumulation of dirt can have a detrimental effect on solar reflectivity, InvariMatte®'s surface is dirt resistant showing zero degradation in 10 years. No other roofing material goes the distance like this!  More can be learned on this website under SAVE ENERGY.

Stainless steel roofs combat global warming. In theory, if Earth contained 2000 ft.² per person of stainless steel roofing, enough solar reflectivity would be created to offset global warming altogether. Beyond global cooling and energy savings, other ways InvariMatte® goes the environmental distance:

  • 75% recycled content
  • 100% recyclable without downgrading
  • No biocide runoff (unlike copper, zinc and lead)
  • Capable of lasting the life of the building (corrosion, fire, wind & hail resistance)

InvariMatte® enables a productive, trouble-free experience for the contractor, which pays dividends to the customer.

  • American-made, InvariMatte® is sold through distributor network for quick delivery of coils and sheets in 24 – 28 gauge (other gauges are available as well)
  • Widths up to 48 inches allow efficient material utilization and design flexibility
  • Formed and installed with the same ease as tern-coated stainless steel
  • Can be soldered, or welded in the as shipped condition
  • Roofers report that InvariMatte® is easier to solder than tern-coated stainless
  • Field paintable to assure historical accuracy.  Pruett-Schaeffer (RapiDry available through Marjoh, LLC) and Calbar have paint systems suited for InvariMatte®
  • Rain goods and snow guards are available in the InvariMatte® finish
  • Simpler to install than zinc, since the unique detail requirements to prevent backside corrosion and panel sagging are not necessary with stainless steel. Since stainless steel is stronger, fewer fasteners are required as well.
  • Shipped with vinyl film to protect the surface from scratches and contamination during fabrication and installation, which makes cleanup as simple as peeling the vinyl once the work is done
  • Experienced, knowledgeable product support 

In selecting material for your roof, there is no question about the superior performance of InvariMatte® stainless steel compared to other metal products. It's unquestioned longevity and environmental attributes create a firm foundation for the future value of your property as well as the future of the planet. More than just a great looking roof that promises to last as long as the building stands, InvariMatte® really goes the distance. 

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