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High Performance Architectural Metals

Beyond the sustainability of the finish, characteristics of a given stainless steel surface weigh heavily in the solar reflectance equation. Particular attention is paid to Contrarian Micro Textures’ InvariMatte® stainless steel finish which was designed for roofing and other building envelope applications. While the original objective in developing this product was to create a uniform low glare finish that would not produce unwanted environmental glare when used in large surface areas such as a roof, the energy investigation we have undertaken has shown distinct advantages of this finish as it relates to energy performance.

FG3 Anti-Fingerprint Coating on Stainless Steel Finishes

When FG3 is applied all you need is a damp rag to clean everything from fingerprints and dirt to permanent marker from the panels. Dirt adhering to the surface of colorized finishes is a major cause of surface discoloration. The FG3 coating creates an environment that makes it difficult for “grime” and graffiti to deposit on the surface and what does “sit” on the surface will be easily cleaned or on exterior applications be washed away by naturally occurring rain water because it can’t successfully adhere to the FG3 coating.

Soldering InvariMatte®

InvariMatte® is a non-directional, low gloss, uniformly textured stainless steel finish designed for use in architectural applications. While its lower reflectivity lends itself to roofing applications, it can be applied to wall panels, coping and trim. The superb consistency of this finish results in excellent panel-to-panel matching. Since InvariMatte® has no coatings to deteriorate, it will last indefinitely with little maintenance.