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CMR Products & Services Overview

Contrarian Metal Resources has been helping architects, panel manufacturers, fabricators and contractors succeed in creating sustainable buildings with high performance flat rolled metals, including stainless steel, titanium and solid zinc alloy since 2001. We manufacture, distribute, and provide specification/metallurgical support for an unrivaled selection of high quality decorative metals designed and engineered specifically for architectural applications. This overview of our quality products and services includes product information, beautiful project images, and swatch samples of our most popular products.

CMR Mission Statement

Contrarian's unique focus on architecture delivers a product line that is geared toward the uniformity, flatness and proper grade selection ensure the appearance and performance of stainless steel and titanium building components. Made primarily from recycled material, our products are designed to last the life of the building without finish deterioration. The result is sustainable design with low maintenance costs and low environmental impact that generates long-term value to the building owner.

Durable, Sustainable CMR Architectural Metals

Stainless steel buildings have been around for nearly 100 years without showing signs of degradation. Perhaps the most widely known example of this is the dome atop the Chrysler building. Built in 1929, it has only been cleaned twice and remains in excellent condition without any expectation that it will need to be replaced. From an environmental standpoint an architect or building owner can count on this material to last the useful life of the building. Combining this fact with energy savings, heat island mitigation, impressive recycling statistics and other environmental benefits, it is truly a sustainable product that is good for the planet.