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Exotic Metal Construction – Selecting the Right Material

Exotic metals help create beautiful, long lasting and durable walls and roofs. But knowing you want an unpainted metal is not enough. Selecting the right material for the individual project can have a major impact on performance.

Even for an architect who has previously specified exotic metals, selecting the right material can be a challenge. And, the product manufacturers themselves are sometimes biased toward the material they specialize in. Understanding the basics of exotic metals and knowing that consultants are available to help make those decisions, can make specifying exotic metals a breeze.

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Metal Walls: The Current Trend of Using Metal Panels on High-End Buildings

According to the most recent annual survey of architects published in Metal Architecture, the amount of material used in all new construction for exterior metal panel walls has increased almost 50 percent in just the past year. We have seen significant evidence of this increase reflected in orders for the high-end building segment. Driving forces behind this trend include sustainability and competitive long-term cost, design flexibility and quality improvements, and new finish choices in high performance metals. These factors have positioned metal as a top choice for high-end buildings in every category.

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Core & Shell Solutions: Stainless Steel Finishes for Cladding Applications

Stainless steel is a sustainable exterior cladding material due to its superior corrosion resistance. In addition to the environmental benefit of sustainability, stainless steel is difficult to beat on a life-cycle costing basis (in the long run, it’s cheaper than most other materials). To take advantage of stainless steel's sustainability, it is best to use it in a bare, uncoated state. This requires careful grade and finish selection to ensure good results.

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The Beauty of Exotic Metal Shines Through

As metal roofing becomes more popular, its aesthetic appeal is better appreciated and receives more attention. The need for a better quality, and a better looking, metal roofing product and accompanying advances in metal processing methods, have pushed the popularity of metal roofing far beyond the industrial plants, barns and tobacco sheds of yesterday.

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