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International Gem Tower Opens in New York

Features State-of-the-Art Security

Brilliant splendor describes New York’s newest skyscraper, the 34-story International Gem Tower, which opened this summer on West 47th Street in the heart of the Diamond District. Designed to cater to the needs of the gem industry, the building features state-of-the-art security including iris scanners, tracking technology, 350 cameras and secure underground delivery bays. G4S served as the security consultant; the Olympics are among their clients.

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Staten Island’s New Police Precinct 121 is 1st in 50 Years

Police Facility Will Be First Ever Expected to Achieve LEED® Silver Certification

When it was decided that a new police precinct was needed on Staten Island, a great deal of planning, thought and collaboration was warranted by the New York Police Department and the city of New York’s Department of Design and Construction when planning its uses, how it would interface with the neighborhood and the new technology that needed to be incorporated into the design. They chose Rafael Viňoly Architects, New York to design the station house.

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Global Cooling & Energy Conservation With Stainless Steel

Contrarian Micro Textures has announced their findings relating to research they conducted on solar reflectance that has determined stainless steel roofs can provide a significant reduction in global warming. Further, the sustainably efficient solar reflectance of stainless steel, combined with its very low emission of infrared energy, create more energy efficient buildings. While it is theoretically possible to offset global warming completely by roofing enough buildings in stainless steel, the real solution to the problem would include further conservation measures as well. The point being that stainless steel roofs offer a meaningful contribution towards cooling the planet.

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