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InvariMatte® is the Color of its Environment

Paint is paint.  It does a good job of protecting metals that deteriorate and comes in a variety of colors, but when a building is clad in painted metal you only get the color you choose.  However, if you opt for Contrarian Micro Textures’ InvariMatte® stainless steel instead, you end up with a material that has a sophisticated appearance that absorbs the colors of its surroundings, adding interest and allowing the building to blend in to its environment.  InvariMatte® looks blue under a blue sky and takes on a warm glow at sunset.  It absorbs the tones of adjacent materials, as well as those of nearby buildings and landscapes.

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FG3 Makes Fingerprints a Snap

FG3 (Fine Guard 3) is a very high quality top coating for stainless steel with excellent dirt and fingerprint resistance. Maintenance efforts are greatly reduced, especially in high traffic areas, allowing elevators, store fronts and other installations both indoors and out to look their best. Fingerprints wipe off with a damp cloth. Even permanent marker can be removed just as easily.

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1000 CT Avenue Earns LEED® Certified Platinum

USGBC Project of the Year, Capital Region 

1000 Connecticut Avenue is a handsome stainless steel and stone 12 story building located on a prominent corner in the heart of Washington DC’s financial and legal district; this high profile building is just four blocks from the White House.

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