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Newly Opened Los Angeles High School #9 is Stunning to Behold

Los Angeles, one of America’s great cities and the entertainment industry’s leader, debuted her first ever High School for the Performing Arts this September. The project began in 2001 and AC Martin & Partners were hired by the Los Angeles Unified School District to design a traditional high school. Philanthropist Eli Broad became interested and suggested an art magnet school.

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Expanded Oakland Museum Transformed with Sophisticated Metals

The expanded Art & History Galleries of California's landmark Oakland Museum were transformed to re-emphasize the structural beauty and add sleek, handsome strength using a lightweight steel structure clad in stainless steel with clerestory windows, and adding stainless steel canopies with skylights over the central staircase.

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Sharp Hospital’s Distinctive Knuckle Highlights Entrance

Sharp Hospital in San Diego, CA not only updated their medical facility to meet the changing needs of their industry and maintain their high standards but built a new hospital and wrapped it around the existing building. The new entrance, very sleek and handsome, its shape was a challenge for the installers because it was inconsistent from floor to floor. In addition, there is an S curve at the apex that tapers and goes over the roof which is visible from the freeway. The S curve was designed to shield mechanical equipment and a cat walk.

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